Excellence: Oh Wonder – Midnight Moon

“We’re all animals out in the dark” As we start a new month, Oh Wonder grace us with another fantastic single. This is ‘Midnight Moon’ and it is stunning. Tranquil yet poignant, the… Continue reading

Exceptional: Chløë Black – Cruel Intentions

“All good things come to an end, there’s nothing good about me” Chløë Black is a name that has been cruising through the music blog world and her latest effort ‘Cruel Intentions’ allows us… Continue reading

Striking: Madeon – Innocence (feat. Aquilo)

“And I won’t be the victim” Madeon‘s debut album Adventure hides a hidden gem called ‘Innocence’ which features the heartbreaking duo Aquilo. Packed with Madeon’s striking electronic formula, Aquilo relay their sweet, poignant… Continue reading

Majestic: Japanese Wallpaper – Forces (feat. Airling)

“You feel it in your bones but you won’t act on it” When two exceptional Australian artists called Japanese Wallpaper (reviewed here) and Airling (reviewed here) collaborate, you expect something exceptional. Both artists have featured on… Continue reading

Energy: Ghost Loft – Overflow

“When I’m running on empty, you’re more than enough” After falling for Ghost Loft‘s ‘Be Easy’ (reviewed here), I was excited and intrigued to hear his latest single ‘Overflow’. Although he is back… Continue reading

Paradise: Set Mo – White Dress (feat. Deutsch Duke)

“I still remember you, in your white dress” Lets kick the weekend off with some energy. I give you Australian duo Set Mo and their new single ‘White Dress’ which features the extremely talented Deutsch Duke.… Continue reading

Pristine: I Am Karate – Bloom

“Yeah, you go without even telling me why” Often, a lot of fine artists emerge from Sweden. So time to welcome another exquisite electronic duo from Stockholm called I Am Karate. Here is their… Continue reading

Compelling: Seafret – Atlantis

“Now all the birds have fled, the hurt just leaves me scared” After Annie Mac played the new Seafret single on her show last night, there is really only one thing I can post… Continue reading

Immaculate: Gavin James – The Book Of Love (Young Wonder Remix)

“The book of love has music in it, in fact that’s where music comes from” Yeah the original is unbeatable but this Young Wonder remix of Gavin James‘ exquisite single ‘The Book Of… Continue reading

Infinite: Hozier – Work Song

“When my time comes around, lay me gently in the cold, dark earth” Going down as one of my all time favourite singles from the past year, is Hozier‘s ‘Work Song’. This solemn… Continue reading

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