Compelling: //Fractures – Cadence

“I’ve got you stuck on my mind, and it’s driving me crazy”

Fractures - Cadence

Remember the ambient seduction of ‘Twisted’ produced by the multi-talented Mark Zito aka //Fractures.

Now he has come back with ‘Cadence’ and I feel empowered.

I love //Fractures because there is an indescribable resonance haunting his unique production which emits such a composed and indulgent sound reminding me of a certain Chet Faker, with a lot less beard.

‘Cadence’ is authoritative. From the very first isolated notations, a high degree of force is compounded into every guitar stoke and every key depression. It is precisely this magnitude of effortless momentum which overwhelms me every time I hear //Fractures. Yet at the same time you have sultry “oo”s hovering above a dense synthesised bass to equalise a prosperous melody.

And to top it all off, emotional lyrics that embody devotion proceed to give  ‘Cadence’ a surge of  integral beauty underneath Zito’s wealth of compelling atmospherics.


Click here to download.