Astounding: Noosa – Clocktower

“Cut the cords around me”

Noosa - Clocktower

I aim to post songs which encompass me.

Today’s track has done exactly that. Here is Noosa and her new track ‘Clocktower’. This is the sound of enthralment. With massive bass beats and orchestral resonances Noosa whisks up a tornado of elegant magnitude which defines astounding.

With a touch of dance-pop and electro tendencies, ‘Clocktower’ allows your senses to become ignited with celestial magic and you cannot help but travel into Noosa’s enigmatic aura.

With her irresistible and overpowering vocals, you enter the unknown. She manages to leave you touching on the uncertainty of humanity, breaking down the door of another realm. But her affectionate and seductive tonality, gives you a helping hand and guides you through the enchanted journey that ‘Clocktower’ beautifully tells.

I have entered another world, this is the sound of fantasy:

This is one of many excellent songs from Noosa’s new album Wonderland out on May 2oth. Listen to some of it now by clicking here.